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By Cenk, Dymtro and Louie (Year 9) for BBC School Report, 9th July 2018


Recently, there have been developments regarding North Korea. Kim-Jong-un has had a crucial meeting with President Trump, the first meeting between a North Korean President and an active American President since the signing of the Peace Treaty in 1953, after the Korean War.

Kim-Jong-un has pledged to denuclearise North Korea, which is an immense contrast to his actions last year when he tested nuclear weapons and posed a potential threat to the international political community.

Since the signing of the Peace Treaty, tensions have not calmed down between N. Korea and America. After the Second World War, Korea had been liberated from Japan; however, as many of its industry was prevalent as a result of old Japanese rulers’ installations, and it was located between Soviet Russia, China and Japan, Korea could not become the self-governed state it had wanted to be. Instead, it was separated into two regions: North Korea and South Korea. This culminated in Soviet support of North Korea, and US support of South Korea, which eventually led to the Korean War. 

Will Kim-Jong-un follow his pledges? Or will he not? At Heathcote Science college students have mixed. Dymtro 14, is sceptical while Louie 14, thinks “Kim-Jong-un make break is pledges and this may leave to war.





 By a team of Heathcote Year 9 BBC School Reporters, 8th June 2018







By a team of Heathcote Year 9 BBC School Reporters, 1st May 2018


Knife crime has increased drastically in London over the past 4 months. The majority of the victims are aged between 14 and 17. 

As of April 2018, 62 people were killed and 32 injured all across London, compared with 80 in the whole of 2017. The suspects of these dramatic crimes were not just adults, they were also school teenagers. 

Not everyone is fazed by this. An anonymous teen revealed: "When I am out, I feel safe. I have not been affected by this [the increase in violent crime]." 

Yet many other young people have become uneasy in the face of this looming threat over the city of London. Jack (aged 14 of Chingford) shared his fear that “many teenagers feel they have to carry a blade of their own out of the fear of their life being taken. This behaviour influences the paranoia of people to the point where they may act irrationally and without thought in their actions.” Patrick (aged 14, also of Chingford) stated that “I constantly feel as if I have to look over my shoulder when walking around London. People who aren’t even involved are being killed due to things that have nothing to do with them”. 

Schools and teachers within the capital are talking to young people about these crimes, as well as discouraging young people from carrying knives and walking home alone at night.




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