Exam Hub

Dear Pupil, Parent, Carer and anyone who finds themselves here looking for support with their revision and exam preparation.

This section of the website is designed to guide you through the fun and games of the exam seasons.

At Heathcote we want to ensure every person sitting examinations feels fully prepared and able to perform at their very best.

Here you will find links to resources that support and guide you on how to revise, as well as the specifics of and details of things like timetables, exam boards, what specifications and template revision timetables.

It is always important to point out that exams are by their very nature a stressful period so you will also find support on ensuring you are looking after yourself and others wellbeing during this period.

Everything from what you eat, how much rest you get, how much revision you do can all impact on your wellbeing.


Good luck and best wishes.

Mr Abbott

Deputy Headteacher