Heathcote School & Science College uses the Show My Homework system to set homework for our pupils. Show My Homework is a web-based diary and planner that allows teachers to set homework for pupils that can be tracked online by pupils, teachers and parents.

Every pupil and parent have been issued with a PIN that when registered on the website, pupils can use to access individualised diaries for their current and past homework.

Parents can also access Show My Homework to see exactly what homework has been issued for their child, and in certain cases, can see the assessments for past homework.

There is also an app available that links to the pupils' accounts to provide reminders on when homework is due.

If you would like to know more about Show My Homework, please contact Mr Bailey at the school.

Show My Homework can be accessed via the Quick Links section at the top of any page on this website, or alternatively can be found by clicking here.


Key Stage 3 Homework Procedures

The school's procedures for setting homework for Key Stage 3 pupils can be found here.