Junior Leadership Team

Heathcote School 108Heathcote values the voice of its pupils immensely. The opinions and requests of pupils help to create and define the ethos of the school and its journey in education.

To advocate the importance of the Heathcote learning community we have our own Junior Leadership team (JLT). This is a selection of pupils, nominated by their peers, to represent the school and the pupils’ opinions or requests. These pupils are the voice of the school and are expected to convey discussion topics back to their tutor groups and gauge opinion.

The JLT consists of approximately 80-85 pupils from across the entire school. It comprises of year 7 pupils new to the school, all the way up to Year 13 sixth-form pupils experienced in the school's ethos and values.

There are pupils selected from every tutor group known as ‘Form Representatives’. In addition at Years 11 and 13 we have ‘Prefects’ and ‘Senior Prefects’.

Heathcote provides JLT workshops during each half term throughout the academic year - six in total. At the workshops all JLT members are split into their "Houses" where they discuss topics or school issues. The topics are requested by Governors, the Head teacher, staff or pupils. During the workshop each House group record their thoughts, feelings and opinions regarding each topic with guidance from the facilitator, currently Mr Hutchins.

These minutes are then collated by Mr Hutchins and typed up by a Senior Prefect to be presented and discussed with the head teacher in a formal meeting.

The meeting between the Headteacher and the House Captains is held termly to discuss the workshop’s key points or outcomes.



All Year 10 pupils are given the opportunity to apply to become prefects. Clear criteria are given as well as the requirements of the position. Based on their application form and school record, including attendance and punctuality, pupils are then invited for interview. Successful interviewees will then be appointed as prefects. All pupils are made aware that they need to maintain the highest standards and that the position can be withdrawn on a temporary or permanent basis.   

Prefects are appointed at the end of Year 10, before the Year 11 pupils leave. They not only complete tasks but also need to bring credit to themselves and the school and be positive role models for younger pupils. 


Senior Prefects, House Captains and Head Boy/Girl 

Year 12 pupils are similarly given the opportunity to apply to become Senior Prefects. They also go through an application and interview process and those pupils who are successful are appointed senior prefects. The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl are chosen from the senior prefects and along with others are allocated to be House Captains or as link to each year group. 

Senior Prefects are also made aware that they are the representatives of the school and they need to maintain the highest standards and that the position can be withdrawn on a temporary or permanent basis. They are expected to bring credit to themselves and the school and to be positive role models for younger pupils. Senior Prefects are expected to fulfil duties and assist at major school or public events.


Heathcote’s House System

At Heathcote we have a House system which aims to provide a collegiate and collaborative cohesion across year groups in the school.

House cohesion is instilled through assemblies, sports day, fundraising events, tutor time and other activities.

Each Form Group is allied to a House.

Each House have a Senior Prefect from Year 13 as their respective House Captain. In addition a member of the school's staff and Leadership team is the designated Head of House.

At the end of the school year we celebrate achievement in assemblies alongside the whole school. House point totals are collated and the winning House is announced.

The winning House then choose their rewards to be received in the following academic year.