Design Technology

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”

- (D&T Heathcote)


Curriculum Vision

Design Technology at Heathcote School is a purposeful, practical and pioneering subject. It enables pupils to explore the role of design, design ideas and develop their creative potential across a range of material areas; including Product Design, Graphic Design, Resistant Materials and Food engineering. Pupils will build a large practical skill and knowledge base from working with a wide range of materials, tools and equipment and experts from industries, transforming the lives and aspirations of our pupils. 

Our design facilities include:

  • Fully equipped workshop featuring bandsaw, lathes, pillar drills and casting bay
  • Electronics lab with etching tank, PCB drill and soldering benches
  • Textiles studio with sewing machines, over-locker and CAD embroidery machine
  • Graphics suite with laser-cutting and 3D printing equipment
  • Two Food Nutrition kitchens fully equipped with ovens, microwaves and food mixers
  • Two laptop banks with Revit, 2D Design and ProDesktop software packages


Key Stage 3

All students study Design and Technology National Curriculum throughout Key Stage 3, completing projects in Textiles, Graphics, Product Design, and Cooking and Nutrition.


Key Stage 4

Pupils study the AQA course (8552) at GCSE.

Pupils will study towards a GCSE in Design and Technology.

Design and Technology are suited to pupils who have a desire to design and make high-quality prototypes through a range of modelling and machine-based product manufacture.

In Year 10 pupils will develop your deeper understanding of the principles of Design with some basic Engineering before moving onto an ‘major’ project set by the exam board to showcase the skills they have developed.

In Year 11 pupils will complete the externally set NEA assignment (Non- Examined Assessment) and study towards the written examination.

NEA Coursework

50% of total qualification



50% of total qualification

1hr 45min Written Exam Assessment.


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