"Music is the greatest communication in the world"

- Lou Rawls


Curriculum Vision


Music allows for pupils to be creative and think critically while inspiring them to use their imagination and grow an appreciation for the arts. Pupils are encouraged to love Music and Performance by becoming confident, inquisitive and independent Musicians where every child is unique, and everyone is able to find their remarkable. The curriculum stimulates a lasting pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Music from a variety of cultures and traditions.


Music Pathway Updated2

Key Stage 3


In Music at Key stage 3, pupils will have the opportunity to sing and learn to play a number of instruments, including the keyboard. Pupils learn to read music and begin to appreciate how the history of music directly affects the music that they listen to. They will also work with computer technology, exploring modern composition techniques.

KS3 music provides the skills for the pupils to develop on to KS4.


Key Stage 4


Pupils study the OCR course (JF36) at GCSE.

Content overview


There are five areas of study:

Area of study 1: My music

Area of study 2: The concerto through time

Area of study 3: Rhythms of the world

Area of study 4: Film music

Area of study 5: Conventions of pop


Component 01/02: Integrated portfolio

Pupils develop their understanding of performance and composition through exploration of their own instrument within styles and genres of their choosing.

They demonstrate their playing skills and abilities by practising and performing a piece musically, accurately and with appropriate interpretation. In the composition element of this component, they demonstrate knowledge of composition techniques, use of musical elements and resources, including specific instrumental and technology techniques.


Component 03/04: Practical component

Pupils develop their skills and understanding of performance and composition. The focus of the performance aspect of this component is on the demands of performing with an ensemble. Pupils are also required to compose a piece of music appropriate for one of the areas of study in response to a set brief.

Component 05: Listening and appraising

This component focuses on areas of study 2, 3, 4, and 5. Pupils demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of musical elements, contexts and language.