HRSE Consultation Process and Evidence


We have recently revised our Philosophy, Identity and Ethics curriculum making sure that it meets the new statutory government RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) guidelines for 2021. One of the key elements of the process was to develop and implement a new Healthy Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE) Policy. In addition, this was the ideal time to audit and develop our schemes of learning ensuring that they were up to date with statutory guidance, whilst meeting the needs of our pupils. This process took place over the Autumn and Spring Terms and is now ready for implementation. The HRSE Policy was ratified at the Full Governing Body meeting in March. Overall the process was interesting and informative and very positive and engaged many groups across the school community. We are now excited to implement the work in the classroom with our pupils.

The following consultation events were held remotely-

Parent consultation - Thursday 11th February 2021, 56 families attended this meeting.

Parents of pupils with SEND – Thursday 4th March 2021, this was attended by 4 families.

KWV (Key worker and vulnerable pupils) Consultation – Wednesday 10th February 2021 had 28 pupils attend

A cross section of the school community were selected for the pupil consultation - Wednesday 3rd March 2021 this was attended by 20 pupils

All pupils were given the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding the new curriculum during the consultation if they were not in any of the selected groups. In addition all pupils from Year 7 – 13 were also given the opportunity to complete a ‘Priority topic survey’. The feedback from this survey can be found in the attached documents.

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to support the consultation, this helps us to reinforce our pupil centred approach and ensures that parents have input into their child’s curriculum content. This feedback was so valuable in comprising our policy and ensuring that it serves a purpose for different groups across the school community. We have tried to embed this feedback into the HRSE policy whilst maintaining our PIE vision for the school and wider school community. Our pupils also contributed to this through various consultation meetings (some remote due to lockdown restrictions) and subsequently providing feedback on how they felt the curriculum needed to look and what it needed to teach them. They most definitely enjoyed sharing their ‘Pupil Voice’!


Our HRSE (Healthy Relationship and Sex Education Consolation) Process.

Please see attached the following processes and material that we used to help with this consolation process.    



We aim to ensure that we keep you update with any important changes or initiatives that we will be holding at school. This will be done through written correspondence. Please also feel free to email me at any point if you have any questions.



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