“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” – Marie Curie

The Department vision of curriculum 

PIE is essentially the key for preparing all students for adult life, enabling them to ask important questions in a safe and appropriate environment. The subject encompasses three important core areas - PSHE, RE and Citizenship, which all have their own focus and learning outcomes.

PIE Pathway

PSHE - aims to prepare students to make independent safe decisions that will shape their personality and social and emotional development.

RE - Encourages our students to see the world through different perspectives building a tolerance for world views and develop an appreciation of the diversity surrounding them and beyond.

Citizenship - Gives student the understanding of why the world and community is shaped as it is and gives them the drive to want to make positive changes.
Together this unique combination of subjects work towards leading our students to be prepared with essential skills to enter the adult world making a positive contribution through the encouragement of questioning, the challenging of stereotypes and a mind-set hungry for success!



 Appendix 3 long term and Medium plans year by year

Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1
Spring 2
Summer 1
Summer 2
Year 7

Transition and safety

Transition to secondary school and personal safety in and outside school, including first aid

Multi-faith Society

Commitment, community, and identity. As well as, multi-faith society.

Developing skills and aspirations (Unifrog)

Careers, teamwork and enterprise skills, and raising aspirations


Exploring British values through diversity, prejudice, equality and asylum

Introduction into Christianity

The teachings of Christianity around the last supper, crucifixion and the resurrection

Building relationships

Internet safety and self-worth, romance and friendships (including online) and relationship boundaries

Year 8

Drugs, alcohol and smoking

Alcohol, tabaco and drug misuse and pressures relating to drug use

Fundraising and Charity

Action project where they research and organise a charity event and fundraise

Developing skills and aspirations (Unifrog)

Careers, teamwork and enterprise skills, and raising aspirations


Discrimination in all its forms, including: racism, religious discrimination, disability, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Emotional wellbeing

Mental health and emotional wellbeing, including body image and coping strategies

Identity and relationships

Gender identity, sexual orientation, consent, ‘sexting’, and an introduction to contraception


Year 8 (RE)

Exploration of Christianity

Exploration of Islam

Exploration of Buddhism

Year 9

Peer influence, substance use and gangs

Healthy and unhealthy friendships, assertiveness, substance misuse, and gang exploitation

Religious Education


Meaning, purpose and truth. Explored through: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and humanism

Developing skills and aspirations (Unifrog)

Careers, teamwork and enterprise skills, and raising aspirations

Respectful relationships

Families and parenting, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and relationship changes

Religious Education

Life and Death in Christianity and Islam GSCE preparation course.

Intimate relationships

Relationships and sex education including consent, contraception, the risks of STIs, and attitudes to pornography


Year 10

Mental health

Anxiety, depression and Stress- coping mechanism

Religious Education

Introduction to Buddhism

Careers and Pathways (Via Unifrog)

Careers, teamwork and enterprise skills, and raising aspirations


Social media, peer pressure, interpreting media, social trends and coming more socially and environmentally conscious

Religious Education

Life and Death in Christianity and Islam GSCE style course.

Healthy relationships

STIs, C-card and practising safe sex, consent and boundaries


 Year 11 long term plan of topics to be covered in year 11 through DDDs


Building for the future

Self-efficacy, stress management, and future opportunities

Next steps

Application processes, and skills for further education, employment, and career progression

Communication in relationships

Personal values, assertive communication (including in relation to contraception and sexual health), relationship challenges and abuse


Responsible health choices, and safety in independent contexts


Different families and parental responsibilities, pregnancy, marriage and forced marriage and changing relationships


Pregnancy option and pornography verse reality.

Receiving C card and STIs


HRSE Consultation Process and Evidence


In 2021 we revised our Philosophy, Identity and Ethics curriculum, making sure that it meets the new statutory government RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) guidelines. One of the key elements of the process was to develop and implement a new Healthy Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE) Policy. In addition, this was the ideal time to audit and develop our schemes of learning ensuring that they were up to date with statutory guidance, whilst meeting the needs of our pupils.

The following consultation events were held;

Parent consultation - Thursday 11th February 2021

Parents of pupils with SEND – Thursday 4th March 2021

KWV (Key worker and vulnerable pupils) Consultation – Wednesday 10th February 2021

A cross section of the school community were selected for the pupil consultation on Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

All pupils were given the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding the new curriculum during the consultation if they were not in any of the selected groups. In addition all pupils from Year 7 – 13 were also given the opportunity to complete a ‘Priority topic survey’. The feedback from this survey can be found in the attached documents.

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to support the consultation, this helps us to reinforce our pupil centred approach and ensures that parents have input into their child’s curriculum content. This feedback was so valuable in comprising our policy and ensuring that it serves a purpose for different groups across the school community. We have tried to embed this feedback into the HRSE policy whilst maintaining our PIE vision for the school and wider school community. Our pupils also contributed to this through various consultation meetings (some remote due to lockdown restrictions) and subsequently providing feedback on how they felt the curriculum needed to look and what it needed to teach them. They most definitely enjoyed sharing their ‘Pupil Voice’!


Our HRSE (Healthy Relationship and Sex Education Consolation) Process.

Please see attached the following processes and material that we used to help with this consolation process.    



We aim to ensure that we keep you update with any important changes or initiatives that we will be holding at school. This will be done through written correspondence. Please also feel free to email me at any point if you have any questions.



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