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I do hope you find everything you need to support and understand all aspects of Heathcote’s vision and values for learning and teaching.

At the core of these values are the Non-Negotiables, a set of principles that run through every learning opportunity.

Learning and Teaching is the very heart of Heathcote School and Science College. It is the job of every teacher to create learning opportunities so that every pupil can be successful, make progress and achieve. Consistency of experience is essential. We are a team and consistency makes us greater than the sum of all our parts.

We want our pupils to be inspired to have interests, values and learning habits for life. Our priority as a collective is to ensure all lessons provide stretch and challenge and promote independent learning.

Heathcote School and Science College strives to maintain a climate where learning is cherished and a culture of curiosity is cultivated by passionate and engaging staff. Pupils are encouraged to develop lively and enquiring minds to be capable of independent thought and to appreciate those areas of knowledge and understanding which will nurture wisdom, enable them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and prepare them for future life and employment.


Our motto means all pupils take a ‘can do attitude’ to everything they do in order that they are continually Encouraged, Challenged in order to Succeed.


“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”

Albert Einstein

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