Numeracy Strategy

Heathcote's numeracy strategy has pupils' progress, their understanding and retention of Maths and their enjoyment of the subject at its core. The strategy covers all learners, the way we teach them and how we ensure that they develop an understanding that stretches beyond their Maths classes.


The GCSE curriculum changes in 2017, not only in the grading system but concerning the difficulty of topics in both the Higher and Foundation papers. All teachers have high proficiency in Mathematics, with more specialist staff teaching KS5 A Level classes. We use prior attainment to set our targets but are not tied to them. It is vital to see the potential in all our learners and encourage progress and high engagement in lessons followed up with feedback that supports pupils to shorten the gaps in their knowledge.


Mathswatch is used as an online tool to facilitate remote revision and our homework. These resources alongside a prescriptive list of topics guide our pupils in covering all aspects of the taught curriculum. We work hard to provide opportunities for enrichment and growth away from the structure of a classroom.


Further Maths is offered at GCSE to stretch our most able Mathematicians, this supports their application to the A Level in the subject and also prepares them for the rigour of other Maths courses with Maths content. We also offer Functional Skills exams to some of our Year 11 pupils to ensure that all pupils complete Year 11 with a recognised qualification in Mathematics.


We have raised the profile of Maths achivement via our Mathematician of the Month award and there is teaching in mixed classes with some streaming to remove the stigma and  language of the 'bottom' set and to ensure we raise attainment for all.