Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth FormSixth form pupils are leaders in the school community. Your dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school.


Appearance is required to be smart, clean and respectable.  Specifically:

  • Boys should be clean shaven (unless for religious reasons).
  • Hair must not be dyed unnatural colours. Extreme fashion cuts and styles are not suitable.
  • Make up should be discreet. Body piercings or tattoos are not acceptable. Apart from the ears, and one small discreet nose-stud, no other visible body-piercings are allowed.
  • Pupils may choose to wear a watch. Other jewellery may be worn but should be discrete.

Dress Code

Pupils should wear:

  • Formal shirt/blouse with collar suitable for wearing a tie (no polo shirts). The shirt can be long or short sleeved but not lumberjack style.
  • Formal tailored trousers/skirt e.g. black/grey/blue.
  • Low heeled or flat shoes/boots (not trainers or stiletto heels).
  • Black socks/tights. No long socks or patterned tights

Pupils may choose to wear:

  • Suit jacket.
  • V-neck jumpers, which show the collar or blouse.
  • Smart cardigans.
  • Smart business dresses.

The following items are not suitable for sixth form pupils at Heathcote:

  • Headwear including baseball caps or hats (unless for religious observance).
  • T-shirts or football shirts.
  • Sweatshirts.
  • Leggings.
  • Roll-neck jumpers.
  • Clothing with inappropriate logos or slogans.
  • Tracksuits (except Heathcote tracksuits for PE pupils).
  • Shorts, culottes, cords, combats or flares.
  • Denim of any description, including jackets, skirts or jeans.
  • Hoodies.
  • Ugg boots/Converse shoes

Outdoor coats must be removed when in the building.

Skirts and tops for girls must be of an appropriate style and length. Midriffs must not be revealed.

NB: Pupils on practical courses such as Construction and Sport will have a dress code appropriate to those courses. During whole school events, they are expected to follow the guidelines for pupils on the academic route. 

Heathcote Staff reserve the right to judge clothing or appearance as unsuitable.

You will be asked to go home and change if you are inappropriately dressed.