Amazing Results at Heathcote Sixth Form in 2018

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Pupils achieved some amazing results this year in A Level and vocational courses. These are our top twenty achievers. Congratulations to them for all their hard work.


Read more about their experiences below;



IMG 8104 resizeDanyal Raza - A* in Maths, A* in Further Maths, A* in Physics. Moving onto a Master of Mathematics course at Warwick.

"I would like to thank my Maths and Physics teachers for all their support and encouraging me to study outside of the curriculum, which has developed a real passion for the subject."


Bethan Jones - A in Sociology, A in History, A in English Literature. Moving to study English Literature at York.

"The school really understands me and have supported me, especially over the last two years. I was really encouraged by all the staff."


IMG 8121 resizeLucas Coleman - A in Maths, A in Further Maths, A in Physics. Applying to Kings.

"I can't believe how well I've done, I was so nervous but I'm pleased now as I can apply for Kings."


Tom Chesnaye - A* in Maths, A in Further Maths, B in Economics.


Hamzah Khalid - A in Economics, A in Maths, A in Physics, B in Computer Science. Moving to an Aeronautical course at Queen Mary.


IMG 8118 resizeUshna Zaineb - A in Chemistry, A in Sociology, A in Urdu, B in Biology. Moving to study Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary.

"Today has been the highlight of my two years, finally getting great results and thinking about starting my future of becoming a doctor, it's very exciting!"


Kristina Gadalin - A* in Russian, A in Government and Politics, B in English Literature, B in History. Moving to Chinese Studies at SOAS.


Stephanie O'Dwyer - A* in Product Design, B in English Literature, B in Textiles. The first person to receive a Project Management Construction Apprenticeship with Gardiner and Theobold.

"I am really happy and excited about my next step and I am thankful to Heathcote for all their help. I will really miss everyone!"


Charlotte Knight - A* in Sociology, B in Psychology, B in English Literature. Studying Sociology and Law at Warwick University.


IMG 8123 resizeRania Khan - A in Biology, A in Chemistry, B in Maths. Studying Medicine at Leicester University.

"It's been a really long wait and I'm really excited about starting my journey."


Mo Elmi - A in Maths, A in Accounting, B in Chemistry. Studying Accounting and Finance at LSE.

"A-levels are very challenging and much harder than expected, but all the support that I had from friends and the school have helped me achieve my grades."


Lucy Dodd - A* in P.E, B in Sociology, B in Psychology. Moving to a Masters in Sports Science at Bagnor.

"I have been supported and encouraged to do my best at Heathcote, they have made the experience really enjoyable."


Ellie Boyle - A in History, A in Fine Art, B in English Literature. Studying Foundation Art at Loughborough.

"Over the 2 years I have had the opportunity to experiment in a range of art styles and now I am preferring a realism and minimalist style with a focus on portiature. I hope to further my experience and find my style at Uni."


IMG 8109 resizeAnduena Bardhi - A* in Product Design, B in History, B in Maths. Studying for a BSc in Product Design and Engineering at Brunel University.

"I have had a well rounded sixth form experience as I have studied hard, but also had opportunities for a variety of extra curricular experiences."


Bethany Welch - A* in Government and Politics, B in History, C in English Language. Moving to study Social Policy at York.

"I have been here for 7 years and the last 2 years have been the best, I have really enjoyed focusing on fewer subjects and being able to push myself and become independent."


Josh Olaore - A in Biology, B in Business, B in Sociology. Studying for a BSc in Biomedical Science at Warwick.

"The really friendly atmosphere at Heathcote has helped me to achieve my best."


Hajrah Ingar - A* in Maths, B in Chemistry, C in Biology. Studying Dentistry at Plymouth.


Jodie Hull - A* in Sociology, B in English Literature, C in Textiles. Taking an apprenticeship in Technology Consulting with Deloitte.

IMG 8094 resize"I am really pleased with my A* in sociology which I took in one year and I grateful to Heathcote who made it possible to do this."


Taylor Foot - A in Psychology, B in Biology, B in Chemistry. Studying Biomedicine at Birmingham.


Emily Cook - A in Fine Art, B in Psychology, B in Sociology, C in EPQ. Studying Psychology at Birmingham City.



Congratulations to all our students!


Heathcote A-level Results 2018

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