Astrobiology Webinar for Heathcote Sixth Form Students

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On Tuesday 19th November, a group of Year 12 and 13 Biology and Physics students took part in a webinar about the science behind searching for life and habitable planets in the Universe.

Delivered by Dr Sarah Gretton, from Leicester University, the lecture included several examples of the most up-to-date evidence and knowledge surrounding this type of research.

Cameron White, one of the Physics students in attendance said:

" I enjoyed how much information was presented to the class throughout the course of the presentation, it was interesting to learn about the possibilities of intelligent life existing on other planets. "

The Biology students were particularly interested in the aspects of astronomy that are at the interface of different subjects.

There was also a strong career guidance component in the event, with references to students that went on to work in research, public communication, management in scientific industries and consultancy, just to name a few examples.

Dr Barard, who organised the event added: "It was lovely to have the opportunity to bring some of the most exciting aspects of academic research to our students and to make them aware of the wide range of opportunities available for students of STEM subjects in general. Even the other teachers in attendance, such as Ms Faria and Ms Kerr, thought it was eye opening to hear a lecturer discuss common concerns of A-level students as they prepare to apply for University."

Heathcote Astrophysics Webinar