Heathcote Sixth Form students visit the Globe Theatre in London

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In January, a group of Heathcote's Year 12 and Year 13 English Literature students visited The Globe Theatre in London. One of our students, Sunil Bashal, tells us about it.


Attending the trip to watch Dr. Faustus at Shakespeare’s Globe was enlightening at the least. It provided us with an entirely new perspective to the text as we saw how a modern interpretation of it may be performed on stage. This was particularly important as we have to write about context in the exam, whereby watching and engaging with the text in a real - life performance will allow us to be critical and evaluative, helping us to reach the top grades! Many key scenes in the performance differed from the original Elizabethan text, which we study. For example, we witnessed a change in the order of Marlowe’s comic scene, Faustus kissing Mephistopheles and an extremely hyperbolic representation of the Pope, all of which provide invaluable interpretations of the text that we can write about it in our essays. Overall, this trip was not only educational, but extremely fun, interactive and engaging. I would encourage anybody given the opportunity to attend!

Sunil Bashal