To Brexit and Beyond as Iain Duncan Smith visits Heathcote!

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Heathcote School and Science College welcomed Chingford and Woodford Green MP, Iain Duncan Smith, as he took part in a "Question Time"-style interview on ‘Brexit and beyond’ with sixth form students. Dr Taylor, Lead for Social Sciences, writes...


The event was jointly organised by the Government and Politics department and the Economics department and was attended by Year 12 and 13 students from these subjects as well as Year 13 students studying English Language.

Heathcote students had a fantastic opportunity to hear first-hand about the defining political decision of our generation from a senior figure in British politics. After briefly describing the genesis of the European Union, Mr Duncan Smith fielded tough questions on a wide range of political and economic issues arising from last summer’s referendum.

Government and Politics student, Sibel Emerali, said “Brexit got many students interested in politics and it was brilliant for us to have our questions answered by an expert on the topic. This was a really useful experience!”

Headteacher, Ms Zoë Cozens, said “We were delighted to welcome Iain Duncan Smith MP to Heathcote. This represents a unique opportunity for our students and the excellent standard of questioning indicates not only their enthusiasm for the topic, but also their high level of political engagement”.

Iain Duncan Smith visits Heathcote