University & Apprenticeship Information

University InformationThis section of the website is dedicated to helping you in your university or apprenticeship applications. Below you will find documents that can help and advise you in different aspects of your applications.

Higher Education and Progression 2018-2019

A Guide to UCAS applications 2018/2019

A Guide to Personal Statements

UCAS Parent Guide 2020

Which? The Parents' Guide to University

Student Finance for new full-time students 2020/2021

Parents Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Parent Pack 2020/2021

Apprenticeships Student Guide 2020/2021

Y12 UCAS Timeline and Bulletin

Please also view the UCAS Student Finance Guide for Parents and Partners here.


The diversity of the courses and universities attended by Heathcote pupils can be seen in the tables below:

University destinations 2019  
University destinations 2018  
University destinations 2017  
University destinations 2016  
University destinations 2015  
University destinations 2014  
University destinations 2013  

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